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General Information

How many people per team?

A team is made up of either 2 or 3 people. It’s one tuk tuk per team.

Can I book my own accommodation?

No, simply because each leg will start from the hotel / over-night stop and the idea is to share our challenging travel experience together. Most importantly you wouldn't want to miss out on each night's social gatherings...

Is there an age limit?

Yes - you must be minimum 18 years old in order to participate. Although we do not have a maximum age limit as such we would recommend anyone over 65 years of age to first double check with their insurer and confirm that they would qualify for the type of medical insurance required to participate. The entire round trip itself can be very exhausting, strenuous and demanding. Therefore we must stress that you should only take part in the event if you are in good physical shape and favorable health conditions.

What should I bring along?

Well it´s going be pretty warm as Sri Lanka is a tropical Island after all, however you should also bring a jumper and windbreaker jacket for the cooler hill area. Besides this make sure to bring your travel essentials and whatever you think might make your long driving days more comfortable and entertaining.

Is it going to be dangerous?

Yes - to answer the question bluntly. There is definitively going to be an element of danger, simply because you will be sitting in a three-wheeler tin can with a 125 cc engine underneath you and driving on foreign roads. However if you are sensible, cautious and responsible you should be fine. Besides this we will have a serious crew looking after you - which  includes an ambulance with paramedics.

Do I need special insurance for this Challlenge?

Yes - there are many insurance companies out there that will cover you with a special travel insurance for this Challenge. We do have a company that can help you - if you would like to get your insurance online we recommend Atlas Travel.

Will there be internet connection throughout?

All hotels have internet connection however do note that it can be quite slow.

Can my team entry be sponsored?

Yes of course and it would be ideal if you could raise additional charity funds as well. Please do note that we have reserved areas on the Tuk Tuk for our own branding purposes. If you require further information on this, please let us know.

Registration Information

How do I register?

  • Fill in the registration form.
  • Wait for our offer letter confirming availability.
  • Pay your initial deposit.

Once the above points are successfully completed you will receive an email confirming your team’s official entry.

Once I register what other documents do I need?

Once you have completed your registration process, we will contact you and request for the following additional information:

  • Passport copy of each team member.
  • International driving license copy of each team member.

And once in Sri Lanka you must have:

  • Personal medical insurance - remember you won’t be allowed to enter the Challenge if you don’t have this.
  • International driving license - don´t forget to bring the original plus a copy.

When do registrations close?

30 days prior to the start of the Challenge.

The Tuk Tuk

How on earth am I going to learn to drive a Tuk Tuk?

On the first day of the event all participants are required to attend a mandatory tuk tuk driving induction and safety training session.  You will get enough time to practice before hitting the road. A tuk tuk is a cross between a car and a scooter, so clutch control is key.

How fast do Tuk Tuk´s go?

These mean machines don’t really go over 50km/h. You will find that the average speed en-route will be about 35km/h.

What if I crash and / or write off my ride?

One of the registration requirements is to pay a returnable deposit of USD 1,800.00 per team. This will ideally cover you for most touch ups and accidents, although if it is a complete write-off the bill might increase. At the end of the Challenge, following an inspection of the vehicle with you, we will come to an agreement and return any money owed to you (if applicable) before you leave the country.

Information on Sri Lanka

Who needs a visa to Sri Lanka?

You can find out and apply online here.

Is it expensive in Sri Lanka?

Not really! Some western luxuries can be a little pricey but for the most part it’s very reasonable. Food will typically cost a couple of dollars and beer generally under a buck.


Buddhism - 70 per cent; Hinduism - 16 per cent; Christianity - 7 per cent; Islam -7 per cent.

What languages are spoken in Sri Lanka?

Sinhala, Tamil and English are widely spoken throughout Sri Lanka, with the exception of remote villages where it might be Sinhala only or Tamil only. Brush up on both before you book your flight!

What’s the weather going to be like?

Pretty good, if warm is good that is. The south-west monsoon brings rain to the western, southern and central regions from May to July, while the north-eastern monsoon is from December to January. So expect anything from 23 to 30 degree Celsius.

Do I need vaccinations before I come to Sri Lanka?

This is completely up to your discretion - if you do want to be extra careful you should ensure that you are up to date with standard vaccinations such as; Tetanus, Hepatiis A and Polio. Other jabs you might consider are Tuberculosis, Meningitis and Typhoid. You may choose to take anti Malaria medication.

For more information please click here.

How are the road facilities in SL?

Sri Lanka has a good network of roads connecting all principal towns and places of interest. However some of the roads facilities in the remote areas have not been well maintained.

Why is Sri Lanka so damn amazing?

Sri Lanka is a unique island. From mountains to beaches, jungles to dry-lands the island of Sri Lanka is a magical place alive with smiles. It is a small universe; it contains as many variations of culture, scenery, and climate as some countries a dozen times its size. If you are interested in people, history, nature, and art then Sri Lanka is the place to visit.


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